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When Ordinary People do Extraordinary Things

By Eric Hansen, Wisconsin-based author and activist A few years back I walked 1,700 miles while researching Wisconsin and Upper Peninsula books, experiencing firsthand many of the magnificent shorelines, sparkling streams and memorable natural areas the current crude oil invasion threatens. It is heartbreaking to imagine globs of spilled tar sands crude oil smothering those (More...)

Over 1000+ RSVPs!

Good news: with more than two weeks to go, well over 1000 people have already signed up to join the Tar Sands Resistance March in St. Paul on June 6th! That means this will already the biggest action against the tar sands in the Midwest — by far. If you care about the future of (More...)

Don’t Want It. Don’t Need It.

Original article found in Coming Clean: The blog of Sierra Club’s Executive Director, Michael Brune. May 18, 2015 The controversy over Keystone XL has already had one good outcome: A lot more people have at least heard of tar sands. Unfortunately, most Americans still don’t realize just how insanely destructive, polluting, and dangerous extracting, transporting, and burning (More...)

Join Us to Protect What We Love!

by Claire Curran Claire is the Campaign Coordinator at Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light with a strong background in social and environmental organizing. Claire leads the Policy Advocacy team at MNIPL, coordinates the Communities in Climate Action program, and tells the stories of the climate movement on her blog! Throughout the Midwest is a maze (More...)

Announcing: the biggest anti-tar sands action ever in the Midwest

Today, the Midwest faces an unprecedented invasion of Canadian tar sands oil, thanks to the expansion plans of oil pipeline giant Enbridge. But even after the hottest year ever in human history, and spill after toxic spill, our elected officials have failed to stand up to Big Oil and protect our communities from the threat (More...)