cathycollentine cathycollentine, May 15, 2015

by Claire Curran

Claire is the Campaign Coordinator at Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light with a strong background in social and environmental organizing. Claire leads the Policy Advocacy team at MNIPL, coordinates the Communities in Climate Action program, and tells the stories of the climate movement on her blog!

Throughout the Midwest is a maze of pipelines. Coursing through them, one of the dirtiest, dangerous, most destructive forms of energy, tar sands. The pipelines cross through our communities, trespass on Native land, while endangering our health, our communities, our future.

Its time for the President Obama to reject Keystone XL and projects like it all over the country that threaten our communities, air, water, land, health, and climate. But time and time again our elected officials don’t stand up for what’s right, and instead cower to special interests. We’ve seen it at the Public Utilities Commission, and most recently at the US State Department, which has given in to Enbridge, allowing an illegal scheme that could double the amount of tar sands flowing through the Great Lakes via the Alberta Clipper pipeline. Its time to capture the incredible energy that has built around stopping Keystone XL, and turn it to the critical work we have to do here in our own state, and across the Midwest. We could lead the way in the next step in this important journey to keeping the tar sands in the ground, but its going to take all of us.

As people of faith, we are not blinded by old assumptions, not restrained by old systems, the ones that continue to make the wrong decisions. Instead as a people of hope we are working to build a world where everyone’s needs are fully and fairly met, where communities are resilient in the face of challenge, where we live with respect and joy for the creative spirit of the Earth, and recognize it in everyone. We envision and live into the world we know is possible. We recognize it being born, being built all around us.

On June 6th we’ll experience a beautiful example of that world, blooming in the streets of St Paul as thousands of people from across the Midwest gather to stand up to the tar sands like never before. We need you there. Will you stand with us to protect all that we love?