andypearson andypearson, May 5, 2015

Today, the Midwest faces an unprecedented invasion of Canadian tar sands oil, thanks to the expansion plans of oil pipeline giant Enbridge.

But even after the hottest year ever in human history, and spill after toxic spill, our elected officials have failed to stand up to Big Oil and protect our communities from the threat of tar sands pipelines.

The US State Department has given in to Enbridge, allowing an illegal scheme that could double the amount of tar sands flowing through the Great Lakes via the Alberta Clipper pipeline.

It’s never been clearer that the time is now for massive mobilization. That’s why on June 6th, thousands of people will be converging in St. Paul MN for the largest anti-tar sands march the Midwest has ever seen. We will tell all of our elected leaders that they need to stand up for our land, water and climate, and keep tar sands oil in the ground.

Can you join us for the Tar Sands Resistance march this June? Click here to RSVP:

Bold, people-powered action has put a stop to Keystone XL for over 4 years now, and stopped pipeline plans heading west and east from the Alberta tar sands. And it’s how we’ll stop this scheme to treat our communities like a tar sands superhighway. 

Mass mobilization works. Big Oil hates to see their dirty plans dragged out into the light of day, because they know that the more people find out about this stuff, the more they oppose it.

A region-wide coalition — including many 350 local groups, the Sierra Club, Indigenous Environmental Network, Energy Action Coalition, and many more from across the Midwest — has already jumped in to making this event massive.

I’ve spent the past few weeks on the road with the Enbridge Tar Sands Resistance Tour, traveling to 16 stops in 16 days from Detroit to Minneapolis. I’ve seen how beautiful, strong, and diverse this movement is — from its biggest cities, where communities live under the shadow of toxic refineries, to its smallest towns, which Big Oil wants to trample for the sake of profit.

Big Oil sees the Midwest as a route for oil. We see it as our homes, our communities — our future. They want us to take all the risk for their rewards.

This June, the Midwest will stand up to the tar sands like never before. I want you to be there with us.

Many more details are on their way, but for now: circle June 6th on your calendar, and get ready to march to resist tar sands.

Thank you for making the movement move,